Timeshare Registration – How Long Does It Really Take To Get a Timeshare Registered?

Every client wants to know how long it will take a regulator to approve their timeshare registration.  Most of the time, the answer is nothing more than a guesstimate based on the lawyer’s personal past experience, which may not be all that accurate.

But in one of the better presentations I attended at ARDA World 2013, Cindy Ross (Wyndham) shared survey results from her colleagues among the brands and put together the graphic below.  Florida and South Carolina come out on top, with a 1-2 month review period.  And while the usual suspects generally take 7 months or longer, there appears to be some hope that their timelines can be expedited.

Thanks for allowing me to share this Cindy.  Really good stuff.

Average Timeshare Registration Times

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